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Interview TIPS for Recruiters

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As recruiters, we are constantly on the search for that ideal individual in order to fill a client’s mandate. We will qualify the requirements with the hiring manager to make sure that we are properly positioned to find that “perfect fit” for them as efficiently as possible. We then turn around and use this information to identify that ideal candidate.
Sadly, it is common for inexperienced recruiters to not dig deep enough during the interview process. They will simply use a job description as a checklist and accept vague affirmations to determine if they’ve found their “fit”. A consequence of this approach is that they will not be able to confidently present them to the client.
As a recruiter gains experience, they will eventually come to the conclusion that the best indicator of future performance is in fact past behavior. A great way to do this is to use TEDW.
 TEDW is not a person, but it can be a recruiter’s best friend.  It is a method of behavioral interview questioning you can ask your candidate to get down to the specifics of his past responsibilities regardless of job role or industry.
T – Tell me about a situation with your former employer where you had to deal with adversity.
E – Explain the factors that led to this situation and the parties involved.
D – Describe to me the steps you took to solve the problem.
W – What was the outcome or resolution?

By asking these questions, you can separate the true performers from the pretenders. This also provides you with the opportunity to confidently and accurately sell this person to the hiring manager in detail all the while demonstrating your added value as a recruiter.
We must keep in mind that our job is not only to get our candidates an interview or even get them hired. Our responsibility to our clients and to ourselves as well is to also ensure that if/when this individual is required to face adversity in his new position; he is well prepared to do so.