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Is it acceptable to look down on the professions of others?

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A recent LinkedIn discussion left me wondering – why do some people feel that it is acceptable to demonstrate disdain when it comes down to certain professions? We often hear such metaphors as “used car salesman” when attempting to insult someone. Is that ever Ok?

This particular discussion focused on grouping all recruiters into being alike, comparing them to used car salesmen, HR clerks and administrative support professionals. (There was also comparison to IGA soup cans, but that particular argument was not well developed or even clear. ) Well, I ask, what is wrong with either one of these professions? And what exactly allows one to think that his or her career choice is superior to that of others?

Ignorance is an unfortunate phenomenon and I think that it is key for one to think before making his or her limited views public. Whatever it is you may think privately and discuss in the privacy of your own kitchen, is one thing. Insulting others in the public eye is undoubtedly beyond the line one should not cross.

It is also important not to resort to such dismal generalizations as “all are … “. Unless you have met every single representative of a certain profession, you run the risk of coming across as pompous when making such statements.

A healthy discussion, disagreement and debate are fascinating to us. Having to respond to insulting comments, on the other hand, is not.

On a more positive note: Happy Holidays to our fellow Quebeckers!