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My Journey from Leaving Pronexia to Back Again!

 In Behind the Scenes

I started with Pronexia Inc three years ago when they were just starting out in the basement of a Westmount office. As Pronexia’s first ever employee, I worked closely with the two founders – two young women like myself – who had taken a risk to leave their steady careers and open up their own business. In the year and half I was there, I was able to learn about an industry I knew nothing about, feel like I was part of growing a business.

Witnessing such enthusiastic entrepreneurs do their thing with such passion, actually gave me the courage to reach out and pursue my own dreams! Which is why I left the company last year, to go to school in New York and train in an acting & musical theatre program and pursue art as my career path.

Last week I was called by the Pronexia team to help them out with a client event, and because they wanted to know all about my New York experience. After so many laughs and memories about my time there, I couldn’t help saying to myself just how much I really missed these people!

After a further meeting this week, it has been decided that I am coming back to the Pronexia team as Office Manager! I feel SO blessed to be surrounded by creative individuals who BELIEVE in me and INSPIRE me to pursue my passions and allow me the flexibility to run off to auditions.

I think it takes people with creativity themselves to be so open and push others to strive and grow and gain success in whatever they choose!

I usually don’t write big things like this on social media but I am feeling lucky and blessed, and excited. Always surround yourself with people who will lift you up in life and believe in your potential. Part of me having the courage to go out there and be an artist – regardless of the struggle – was because these people actually told me I can!

They looked me in the eye before I left a while back and said:  Lanisa, you can be whoever you want to be and you truly need to believe that. It stuck with me and honestly affected me to the core.

With that … I introduce our team! We’re young, quirky, out of the box thinkers on a mission to REVOLUTIONIZE THE FACE OF RECRUITMENT!!!


Lanisa Farnsworth