No, we do not post job ads on our website. - Pronexia

No, we do not post job ads on our website.

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And no, we are not planning to integrate a job board into The reasons are simple, but worth addressing since it is a question we answer fairly frequently.

Pronexia is not a staffing firm or a placement agency. We are a niche headhunting firm that provides a specialized service to our clients. Let’s first get terminology out of the way. A staffing firm, or placement agency, focuses on attracting a high quantityof candidates and filling a similarly high quantity of mandates. An agency also provides temporary staffing, which focuses on a speedy service based on a high quantity of candidates in an in-house database. In order to be successful, a placement agency relies on hundreds of ads that run on as many job boards as possible, including their own.

A headhunting firm focuses on specialized – or what is considered hard-to-fill – mandates. In addition to offering a highly personalized service to each client, we go directly to the market and hand pick candidates that appear to have the required skill set. For visibility purposes, we do occasionally run ad hoc job postings, but they represent a tenth of our mandates at most.

A staffing firm would not be in the position to respond to clients’ needs for mass recruitment by employing our strategy, and we would not have the success rate we do by reviewing hundreds of daily applications.

Think of it this way. If you had to purchase product X in bulk and at a discounted price, would you go to a discount department store or a high-end boutique? And where would you turn if you needed a hard-to-find product and wanted someone to take the time to evaluate your needs in depth and guide you?

The service industry is certainly more complex, but the underlying distinction between focusing on either quantity or quality is definitely similar. In our case, the added value we bring to our clients is by helping them find candidates for positions they are unable to fill via their own resources. Headhunting, and not ad writing, is at the core of what we do.