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Rules of Engagement

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At Pronexia, we pride ourselves on many things, one of which is how selective we are both with our corporate partners and the candidates alike. We only choose to align ourselves with the companies we truly believe in and are proud to have as our partners . In parallel, we are highly selective with the group of candidates we represent.

As a job seeker, here are the things you can do to ensure that we will not be introducing you to our clients:

– An unprofessional email when you send us your résumé. CVs emailed to us with no cover letter (either in the email body or an attachment) are deleted. Cover letters or e-mails that use “u” instead of “you”, begin with “hey” or end with “call me ASAP” are unacceptable. The same goes for business communication with spelling mistakes.

– Request to re-schedule 24 hours or less prior to the interview with no solid reason. Unless you have a medical emergency or another strong reason to re-schedule our meeting, we would rather cancel the interview permanently. If you do need to re-schedule for reasons out of your control, we will be happy to accommodate you.

– Tardiness. Tardiness is unacceptable and is certainly in poor taste. If you encounter unexpected traffic due to an accident, get lost despite having mapped the directions or are unable to leave work at the time you expected, you need to call us immediately and explain the situation.

– Unprofessional demeanour. Over the years, we have heard candidates say: “I dressed this way for this interview, but of course would dress differently for the real interview.” “I wouldn’t say / do this in the real interview”. The reason that we conduct the in-depth interviews in our offices is to pre-select only the best of the best for our clients. It is very important that you dress and act in a way that will portray you in the best – and most professional – light.

On the other hand, you can fully expect that Pronexia’s consultant meeting with you will:

– Always communicate with you in a professional manner
– Will not ask to re-schedule the interview on short notice and without a solid & detailed explanation
– Meet with you shortly upon your arrival at our offices
– Treat you in an utmost professional manner throughout your dealings with us

Are we overly picky? Well, if asking you to be as professional and courteous with us as we are with you feels as though we are asking for too much, we are probably not the best headhunting firm for you. Fear not – there are lots of firms that work in ways opposite to ours!