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Should I include my Education on the Résumé?

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Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing a Director of Operations with 15 years of progressive experience. His highly impressive résumé highlighted experience overseeing 100+ direct reports, implementing IT infrastructure, streamlining production and improving manufacturing processes. As we continued discussing his résumé, I noticed that one thing was missing – his education. When asked why there was no mentioning of his educational background, my candidate said that he had not completed a Bachelor`s Degree and did not want to have a section mentioning only his high school diploma.

That was a mistake!

You should always include your education on the résumé, no matter what the level. If your experience speaks for itself, you will probably be considered for the position you are targeting regardless of your educational background. On the other hand, if the position absolutely requires a University diploma, not listing your education at all will achieve nothing. Best case scenario is that the hiring manager will not notice the missing section and will call you anyway, only to find out that indeed you are missing one of the qualifications for the role. Time wasted and an awkward situation for both parties!

No matter what your thinking process, it always looks suspicious when someone does not include such key information as his or her education. There is a reason you did or did not go to University – own it!