Arnavi Mehta
Arnavi MehtaCoordinator, Talent Strategy

Though she grew up with a smartphone in her hand and turns to Google for pretty much everything, she strikes a remarkable balance: deeply modern and progressive in mindset yet classical and almost old-school in attitude (in all the best ways). Hard-working, committed, permanently-positive and incredibly smart, meeting Arnavi makes one thing clear: if this is what post-millennial culture looks like, then we will all be alright.

Born in Bombay and having lived in Mumbai, Dubai, and Singapore before moving to Montreal, Arnavi might casually drop a story or two about cliff-jumping off the coast of New Zealand in the most genuinely excited, humble way. Her world travels speak volumes to an open mind, a sense of cultural sensitivity, and a strong understanding of how the world works. Yeah, she’s the type who just “gets it” – regardless of topic.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from McGill University, Arnavi has been a regular contributor and editor for The McGill International Review, a reputable international affairs journal. Though passionate about international politics and the humanities, Arnavi is equally plugged-in to all things media and culture: in a single conversation she can easily go from talking about the crisis in the South-China Sea and NAFTA tariff regulations to Kendrick Lamar and Star Wars. She speaks English and Hindi fluently, and French is in the works, too.

An avid reader, you can catch Arnavi with a (digital) copy of a novel, play, or article analyzing a recent movie she’s watched. Definitely more of a night-owl, Arnavi might be found lightly jogging from the metro through the office doors in the morning, headphones loudly playing hip-hop or techno and salt-stained Converse on her feet – and always a smile on her face. Positive in mindset, down to earth, deeply dedicated and just plain cool, the future of Pronexia is bright with Arnavi in it.