Carole Viger-Berman
Carole Viger-BermanSenior Talent Strategist

It may seem like a big claim, but spend five minutes with Carole and you’ll see: there is nobody in the industry with the commitment and dedication that she has.

One of Pronexia’s key team members, Carole began her career working in sales in the textiles industry until she discovered the world of recruitment – and never turned back. A rare skillset which combines equal talent for working with candidates as for working with hiring managers, Carole demonstrates a deep ability to connect with people – period.

She goes above and beyond for candidates and clients in a way that is just not seen anymore. Carole will remember your birthday, and after the thousands of individuals she has impacted throughout her career, she will still (somehow) remember each name and face years later. She is the continuous recipient of an ongoing stream of gifts, flowers, wine, and chocolate-covered fruit delivered to the office – with very good reason. There is simply something special about the way she builds relationships.

Carole maintains a particular focus on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, and is equally passionate about manufacturing and consumer goods. She has worked with some of the best-known business leaders across Canada in companies including Pharmascience, Valeant, Dorel, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and many more.

When she’s not at the office, you can catch Carole walking through the streets of her NDG neighborhood, visiting the coolest restaurants and cafes with her husband, Alan. More fun facts about Carole? She is the unopposed best gift-giver: in office gift-exchanges, the wrapping on your gift from Carole often blows the whole budget. She takes her stress out on the dishes at the office (if our kitchen is spotless, be sure to give Carole a hug). She is passionate about interior design and decor, and has a particular love for beautiful office design.

Carole is the very rare type of professional you only read about in business books: someone with nearly 20 years’ experience in an industry who maintains a passion and excitement for their work like it was their first week on the job. Yes, she is something special.