Christy Carter
Christy CarterTalent Strategist

A third-generation Vancouverite, Christy embodies the west coast in all its best senses: she is equal parts down to earth, calm, pragmatic and creative at the same time.  Working since she was 15 years old, Christy comes with a humble maturity and sense of calm that is easily conveyed upon meeting her.  It might also come from all those days she spent skipping school to hit Kits beach instead (now we’ll all hit the beach with you, Christy!)

Born and raised in Vancouver, Christy comes from a large family of 7 brothers and sisters, and has roots in Spain on her father’s side.  Moving out at the age of 18, Christy spent years enjoying some of Vancouver’s coolest neighborhoods like Commercial Drive, hitting up cafes and restaurants, chatting with everyone she could find.  Earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Development from Langara College, Christy would go on to accumulate over 6 years’ professional experience in account management, brand and project management for large-scale clients at a few well-known marketing firms in Vancouver.  Combining her background in sales with strong integrated marketing campaign experience, Christy would leverage her multifaceted marketing knowledge (social media strategy, brand strategy, and media space) to ensure her clients’ projects would roll out smoothly.  Passionate about building relationships with clients, her background in client services and sales made one thing clear: Christy had a love for helping to fulfill clients’ needs – and was simply really good at it, too.

Still deeply passionate about marketing, Christy is a self-admitted Instagram junkie – she also runs Pronexia’s west coast Twitter account (@PronexiaWest) (you should follow her).  Well-traveled throughout the Pacific Coast in BC, California and Mexico, Christy is now settled in North Vancouver where she spends her weekends outdoors as much as possible: whether it’s camping, paddle-boarding, or just exploring the incredible mountains around Van with her hiking partner Koola (her awesome dog), Christy has a deep, no-nonsense connection to Vancouver (it just wouldn’t be home without epic mountains around you, right Christy?).

Looking for more?  Christy is a music fanatic: you can undoubtedly find her at every major music festival or concert in the city (especially if it’s a country music concert).  A foodie in every sense of the word, she’s a killer baker and cook, and takes her cooking seriously: she’s the only person we know who actually owns her own sausage-maker (very cool, Christy).

Smart, down to earth, passionate, engaged: there is nobody better to lead up Pronexia’s relationships in Vancouver then Christy – and we couldn’t be happier to have her.