Daniel Matan
Daniel MatanAccountant

Picture your standard accountant-type: now flip that image entirely upside down. An uncommon accounting pro for an uncommon company: makes perfect sense to us.  Enter Daniel.

Born and raised in Brasov, a postcard-perfect medieval city in the center of Romania surrounded by a beautiful mountain range, Daniel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce & Tourism at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. An economist by trade and thoroughly interested in the tourism industry within Romania, Europe, and the world as a whole, Daniel eventually made travel a concrete part of his life: he moved to Canada in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since.

Daniel has worked in numerous non-traditional industries/roles: he spent a few years working in construction, eventually moving to the 3D-animation television/film industry, and finally to Pronexia. The resident accountant extraordinaire, Daniel sharpened his (already laser-sharp) accounting skills at O’Sullivan College in 2006, continuing to pursue his passion for data, trends, and maintaining meticulous financial records.

Settled in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville area of Montreal, Daniel is happily married and has an (almost) 14-year old daughter who he talks about endlessly (we get it, Daniel – she’s great). Daniel acts as the financial backbone to Pronexia during the day in the office, but at night you can definitely catch him outdoors: he’s an avid skier, soccer-player, and swimmer. A huge sports fan, Daniel is always up to date on European soccer – his sport of choice. He speaks 3 languages fluently (but understands 5), and is a passionate reader: he can easily be found with a book in his hands (nothing like a real hard-cover book, right Daniel?)

From his endearing Romanian accent to his calm demeanor, Daniel has a smile permanently glued to his face, and a genuinely positive outlook on life – and he continues to rub off on us, and impress us, every day.