Jordan Greenberg
Jordan GreenbergVP, Partnerships

Jordan Greenberg is the leader every company wishes they had. Yes, he gets the “radio voice” thing all the time. But more importantly, he is one of the few people in this world who everyone just loves having around.

Jordan’s father is a life-long sales pro with an entrepreneurial drive; his mother an accomplished artist with a zest for learning – and Jordan embodies both sides. While his father taught him the importance of the bottom line, his mother taught him there was much more than the bottom line. Growing up, Jordan would embody two personalities: sometimes he’d spend his days drawing, designing websites, or reading graphic novels; sometimes he’d sell cell phones to students out of the trunk of his car. With both perspectives built into him early on, Jordan learned to make sales and relationship-building feel like an art.

Jordan left Concordia University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. After working in advertising, Jordan co-founded a social media platform in the early social days. Though his first venture into entrepreneurship was short-lived, a long-standing passion for tech, media, and content remained.

The very first employee hired at Pronexia, Jordan fell into recruitment by accident. Pronexia took a chance on a slightly-awkward recent grad; Jordan took a chance on a 2-person start-up. Together, they started from the bottom (literally) in a basement office in Montreal, making phone calls at a shared desk sandwiched between a bathroom and a noisy microwave.

Things have changed since 2011, but Jordan’s commitment to building an incredible business has remained. Responsible for single-handedly developing some of the strongest partnerships Pronexia still retains, Jordan’s relationship-building skills, along with his magnetic personality, have propelled him into a senior leadership role. He is now building a team, spending his days coaching and guiding every Pronexia employee in one way or another.

Then there’s his passion for food: if there’s any kind of food experience happening in Montreal (rib fest, poutine fest, burger fest, sushi fest) you can show up and find Jordan there (possibly eating alone – he thoroughly enjoys solo restaurant experiences). A closet nerd, Jordan loves all things Star Wars, has a respectable comic-book collection, and his ideal night involves hours of video games. Above all, he’s an incredible communicator, is deeply smart, and brings a presence to the Pronexia office that cannot be filled by anyone else. Yes, he’s that good.