Marina Byezhanova
Marina ByezhanovaCo-Founder

Marina has a dedication to transforming the recruitment industry that is second to none, and has no plans on slowing down until the revolution has been kicked into full motion.  But what is it exactly that has made her so exceptional, so successful, and so valued (and feared) by her colleagues and competitors?

Though an entrepreneur since the young age of 28, co-founding Pronexia with her business-partner-in-crime Moranne Elarar, Marina is, at heart, a headhunter and recruiter of the highest caliber: she brings an understanding and appreciation for candidate experience that continuously strives to reach new heights on a daily basis – it’s formed the foundation of Pronexia’s revolution of the recruitment industry.  As a Manager, Marina continuously brings out the best in her employees: it’s virtually impossible to avoid catching her infectious passion and, as a result, her employees are instilled with the same fire.

Marina has also been responsible for spearheading the incredible, exclusive events Pronexia has organized and hosted for two years in a row, gathering renown speakers from some of the most exciting corners of various industries and overseeing the events’ smooth operation.  Published, quoted, and referenced countless times in publications such as the Financial Post, Yahoo! News, the Atlantic Journal, and Quartz, among many more, Marina’s voice is a loud one that so many across the country (and beyond) have had no choice but to notice and admire.  Energetic, passionate, and smart as hell, Marina’s razor-sharp blog posts, plugged-in Twitter engagements and radio guest-appearances have proved time and again she is a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

A proud member of the board of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Montreal, Marina is also the Chair and leading force behind the organization and execution of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in Montreal, an incredible non-profit venture helping student entrepreneurs get their voices heard and kick-start their careers.

Just in case you weren’t impressed yet, she also speaks four languages fluently, has incredibly sharp digital marketing and SEO skills, and knows her way around the back-end of a website.  Oh, Marina will also wipe the floor with you in a chess or ping-pong match.  Yeah, the skills just don’t seem to end when it comes to Marina.  More importantly, the drive, guts, and passion don’t seem to end, either.

Impressive? Sure. Unique? Absolutely. Just the beginning for Marina? You bet.