Moranne Elarar
Moranne ElararFounder

Born and raised in Vancouver yet moving to Montreal in her early twenties, Moranne embodies the perfect balance of both coasts – and it’s that balance that perhaps makes her so strong as an entrepreneur, leader, and mentor.  The west-coast side to Moranne is deeply thoughtful, poised and impressively calm, while the east-coast side to her is determined, straightforward, and honest.  It’s precisely the balance of both which, masterfully personified in Moranne, create a sense of magnetism which can easily be felt: clients, colleagues, and employees alike can’t help but be drawn to her.

Driven, dedicated, and just real as hell, Moranne oozes a sense of authenticity that is rare in both today’s business world and in sales.  The queen of conversation, Moranne has an uncanny ability to just get people talking: she regularly strikes up (genuine) conversations with strangers and, before they know it, they’re captivated.  She has a passion for building real relationships based on trust with everyone around her – and creating genuine connections has formed the groundwork of Pronexia’s values as an organization.

After nearly a decade in strategic sales, partnership management, and marketing in various industries, ranging from electronic components to exclusive conference-events, the lure of a business which did things differently, based on authenticity and passion, became too strong: Moranne came up with the idea to start Pronexia late into her twenties.  Armed with the natural ability to basically sell anyone on anything anywhere at any time, Moranne convinced her friend and colleague Marina to join her against all odds in the new business venture.  The pair proved to be an electric one: their chemistry formed the foundation of not only a successful business but of a set of values that transformed their industry and their lives as a result.

At Pronexia, Moranne manages a rockstar team of Client Strategists, supporting, challenging and leading them on the wild journey of establishing recruitment partnerships. She thrives on infusing daily passion and navigating together to ensure we are always on top of our game and over delivering for our unique clients.

A proud member of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) Montreal, Moranne has built a network of relationships with influencers from different industries across the country.  Ask anyone who’s anyone from Vancouver to Montreal – they know Moranne, love her, admire her, and might have even partied with her back in the day.  The partying days are generally a luxury nowadays: Moranne (somehow) balanced the founding and development of Pronexia with raising three incredible children.  Indeed, she has often sat at high-profile business events and meetings with industry elites (often dominantly male) either pregnant or with a newborn in arms – could you imagine a more awesome image?  Didn’t think so.

Not impressed yet?  Moranne also speaks five languages, has lived in Europe and on beaches in Latin America, and is incredibly comfortable on a hike in the forest.  She’s also got a strong passion for old-school hip-hop, could likely eat salami by the ton, and can often be seen walking the streets of NDG or Cote-Saint-Luc with her yoga mat slung over her shoulder.

Genuine, passionate, and simply electric – Moranne is the entrepreneur, leader, and partner you’ve been waiting to meet.