Stefano Faustini
Stefano FaustiniTalent Strategist & Marketing Lead

Born and raised in Montreal’s East End, Stefano is a fan of rap and hip hop, has a deep voice, enjoys traveling to dangerous locales and has multiple tattoos he proudly displays. Did you conjure up an image in your mind? Now scratch all that and juxtapose it with a Master’s Degree in English literature, a stack of poem books on his desk, impeccable work ethic and true passion to make a difference.

Stefano is a man of many contrasts and so what career could possibly be a more perfect fit than the multifaceted and often unpredictable world of recruitment?

If you applied to one of Stefano’s ads, you were no doubt impressed with his ability to paint an actual picture for you, adding details and angles no one could replicate. If you were interviewed by him, you must have felt that this was not your stereotypical recruiter, but someone who deeply cared.

Stefano is a student for life, which means that his natural curiosity is infectious. He isn’t interested in ‘automating’ the recruitment process or selling to his candidates. He wants to go deep, disrupt and change the industry along with the rest of us. Analytical and almost introverted, Stefano uses his impressive memory and the capacity to notice the details to connect the dots faster than most.

Pronexia is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry. We are “new generation” headhunters – and Stefano embodies what the new generation is all about.