Stephane de Roussan
Stephane de RoussanTalent Strategist & Culture Lead

Armed with deep geo-cultural roots that are part Canadian, part American, part European, Stephane embodies the best parts of each line of his heritage: deep passion, high intellect, and ultra-chill vibes all wrapped into one (tall) package.

Born in Montreal to a father from France and a mother from the U.S., Stephane spent the majority of his adult life between Canada and exotic Wisconsin (go Badgers!) Stuck between two countries and two identities (a third, French identity, creeping in the background), Stephane naturally became multi-dimensional, taking the best parts of his unique upbringing and using them to build his own values, spirit, and overall vibe. He was born to a family of artists (his father a visual artist, his mother a fiction writer, and his brother a musician). Like his geo-cultural background, Stephane wove his arts upbringing into his own career path in the business world.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Concordia University, Stephane’s interests similarly speak to his complexity: he is as passionate about American politics as he is about football and golden retrievers (he really takes all of those equally seriously). He spent the majority of his twenties sleeping in questionable apartments and jumping from party to party with his roommates. Nowadays, things are a little different: you’re more likely to find him mowing the lawn and running to the grocery store with his two permanent roommates in tow (his wife, Vanessa, and his daughter, Emma).

A recruitment and headhunting expert of the highest calibre, Stephane is incredibly good at what he does – period. Stephane is also the Culture Lead at Pronexia, spearheading innovative company culture initiatives for companies across Montreal.

Stephane is a deep lover of “fun facts” (he can drop some knowledge on just about any topic), so here are a few fun facts about him. He is part Norwegian, and his Scandinavian grandfather often skied to work (true story). On his French side, Stephane descends from royalty: there is still a “Chateau de Roussan” somewhere in France, though it’s now become a fancy hotel. He loves animals, though dinosaurs remain his ultimate animal of preference. He is inexplicably skilled at throwing axes, chopping wood, and can build you a table from his garage if you asked him to. Dislikes include traffic, waiting in lines of any kind, lunch-time delays, and clowns.

Smart, dedicated, interesting, easy-going yet deeply hard-working, Stephane is the standard of what the modern employee should look like – and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.