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The #1 Myth of Resume Writing: The resume should not exceed one page.

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The “wisdom” of the 1-page resume was first imparted on me years ago
during one of my courses at McGill. As a truly diligent new grad, I did my
best to cram all of the information about my education, experience, career
objectives and extracurricular activities onto one page. Considering that
I had held part-time jobs throughout my studies, I had quite a few
interesting and pertinent things I wanted my potential employer to know
about me. Well, trying to follow the 1-page rule meant that I had to use
the smallest, most difficult-to-read font, use as little spacing between
paragraphs as possible and minimize the header and the footer to the
absolute minimum. Since all of that effort still failed to result in a
1-page resume, I had to continue cutting its content. And cutting, and
cutting, and cutting…

It was only a few years later, when I became an experienced Recruiter,
that I realized how silly this rule was. It only took me hours of
formatting candidates’ resumes from font size 8 to at least font size 11
to come to this brilliant conclusion.

So, here is my advice:
Be concise and to the point, making sure that every single line on your
resume is either required (eg: contact info) or is there to position you
as a top candidate in your field (eg: skills, experience, education…). If
you write your CV keeping this suggestion in mind, then you won’t have to
worry about your resume being one page long or five.