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Kenneth Brain
Client Strategist

If there was an award show for “Most Interesting People,” Kenneth Brain would not only sweep the competition, but he’d probably host the show, too.  Yes, we’ll get to his dashing looks later; for now, imagine every stereotype you might think up about an urban twenty-something – now, flip those stereotypes precisely upside down.

Kenneth embodies an incredible sense of balance, and he emanates it everywhere he goes: in a hectic environment, Kenneth gives off a continuous sense of calm, poise, and ease – and it’s wildly infectious. Does it come from his incredible experiences out in the wilderness in Saint John’s, Newfoundland, where he was born and raised? Maybe. From flying an 8-person Cessna plane as if he was riding a bike? Possibly. Is it just downright impressive? Absolutely.

Though you might see him walking the streets of NDG (maybe with a yoga mat in hand), Kenneth is extremely comfortable roughing it outdoors: if there’s ever anyone you’d want to be stuck in the wild Canadian woodlands with, it’s him.  Also a junior volunteer firefighter, as well as being chosen for the Canada Games swim-team, Kenneth balances his physical abilities with incredible mental abilities as well: well-spoken, engaging, and a voracious reader, Kenneth has a true passion for connecting with people and building relationships that matter. Naturally, he found himself attracted to sales, where he could create nothing less than honest, open, and genuine connections with his clients – and he definitely does it well.

Kenneth is built to push himself: “comfort zone” is just not a phrase in his dictionary, both personally and professionally. Armed with an unquestionably magnetic quality to him, Kenneth is a true force to be reckoned with – and his future with Pronexia is beyond bright. Ladies, gents, and clients alike: sorry to rain on your parade, but Kenneth is in a long-term and committed relationship with his beautiful dog Molly.

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