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Lanisa D. Farnsworth
Recruitment Coordinator

Pronexia is pleased to welcome Lanisa among its ranks. As the youngest member of the team, Lanisa brings a whole new level of energy to the office. Having joined as an assistant, it didn’t take long for her leadership and people skills to get noticed by her superiors. This quickly earned her a spot as a recruiter for mid-level positions.

Before Pronexia, Lanisa worked at high-end hospitality locations and studied Hotel Management and Professional Theatre. It is perhaps this experience alone which makes her such a natural at networking and building relationships with peers at industry events. You will notice her professional and courteous demeanour on the phone and in meetings particularly impressive.

Lanisa is creative and results-oriented. She is committed to achieving only the best outcomes for each mandate. And although Lanisa came to the recruitment world by way of other industries, Pronexia is proud to have her on the team.

As Lanisa puts it,”Who would have thought my dream career’s main focus is finding other people their dream careers?”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.