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Tyrone Cavalcante
Account Manager

Let’s be clear from the get-go: you have never met anyone like Tyrone. From his uncommon name to his fascinating background, Tyrone is one of these people you meet and who almost automatically makes you feel like you have been snoozing in your own life. So constantly positive and upbeat that it’s almost envious, Tyrone is the type who can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything – and he eats new adventures for breakfast.

Born and raised in Brazil, Tyrone spent the majority of his life in Brazil yet has also lived in the U.S. before settling in Canada. Passionate about travelling, Tyrone is more like a citizen of the world rather than a citizen of one country – and he has the network to prove it. He spent years developing a (really) large international network, and is always casually dropping stories about friends he has in remote parts of the globe – all of them, like Tyrone, committed to doing incredible things with their lives.

Fluent in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, Tyrone is a true lover of learning. A look at Tyrone’s educational background and you might think he’s preparing a run for political office: armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and an MBA (yes, he’s an over-achiever), he realized early on that a “traditional” career path in law or corporate business would never satisfy his passion for life. He kicked off his career working in the entertainment industry, managing famous musicians and artists throughout Brazil. Tyrone also served on the board of directors of an important NGO in Brazil, Terra Foundation, which aimed to eradicate poverty. Eventually, he spent time working in risk consulting and recruitment for Ernst & Young, Michael Page, and Baterias Moura in Brazil before making the leap to North America.

Like any good Brazilian, Tyrone loves barbecue and feijoada (though don’t ask him to cook it). Outside of office hours, you can catch Tyrone playing the drums or scouring the streets of Montreal looking for a live music event (in between Game of Thrones episodes, of course). Tyrone has a vision of building and leading the first community for Brazilians/Portuguese-speakers in Canada: it’s all in the works – just ask him about it. Overflowing with energy, eager to build relationships, and just truly passionate about people, Tyrone is a seamless fit with Pronexia’s culture – and we couldn’t be happier to have him.