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What is your Reputation as an Employer?

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On April 3rd, Pronexia will be hosting our first ever Employer Branding Event. We are honored to have confirmed an unbelievable line up of speakers, all responsible for Montreal-based talent. The feedback we have received from the local business community has been truly humbling.

As always, our blog aims to bring you an inside scoop into all that we do and the reasons we do it!

If you have ever collaborated with Pronexia, then you must be aware of the core importance we place on our clients’ commitment to candidate and employee experience. We partner up solely with companies we are proud to represent and would happily work for personally.  All that equals to employer branding, a company’s reputation as an employer. We thought that it would be incredibly exciting to bring together HR professionals and business owners from companies that truly care about the most important contributor to their success – you, their People. We aimed to put together an unparalleled line up of speakers, all of whom are responsible for hiring or managing teams based in Montreal, and all of whom are choice employers.

We kept the event by-invitation only, staying true to our corporate value of “fit above all”, which translates into our relentless commitment to placing “quality’ above “quantity”. The intimate setting will allow for full candor and frank experience sharing. This will be a day full of information exchange, with no tradeshow booths or sales pitches.

Most high caliber events of this nature happen in stuffy hotel conference rooms that tend to limit the inspiration and interaction. Employer Branding 360° will take place at the visually stunning state-of-the-art PhiCentre, located in the historical Old Montreal.

Yet, the main reason we decided to undertake this ambitious project lies at the core of Pronexia’s mission – to refute old school recruitment practices and to change the face of our industry! We are proud to be hosting this event and to be facilitators of the change-inducing conversations that will be taking place on April 3rd.

And the hashtag of our event? #NewSchoolHiring of course.