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What Not to Wear (to a job interview, of course)!

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Quite honestly, I never thought that there were many options as to what one should wear to a job interview. However, I stumbled upon an article on Monster.ca that made me realize that there were multiple possibilities suggested to job seekers. Surprising!
First of all, let me share my advice. If you are aiming to work in an office, you should wear a business suit. It is as simple as that. Does it matter what industry you are targeting or what your specialty is? Does it matter whether or not you will be expected to wear a business suit if hired? Absolutely not! First interview is all about making a favourable first impression. I am yet to meet a woman or a man who does not look significantly more polished, professional and even attractive in a business suit than any other attire. Additionally, you never want to run the risk of being underdressed for your meeting. Even though you might know that the business culture is quite relaxed and everyone wears jeans around the office, you don’t want to show up wearing casual attire just to find out that the hiring manager is wearing a business suit.
I have never heard of anyone making an unfavourable impression by being overdressed. On the flip side, I have had numerous hiring managers tell me that they were truly impressed that the applicant wore a suit, despite the fact that they work for very casual or trendy offices. If you do know what the business culture is or if you work in a creative field, have it reflected it in your accessories. Funky (yet not strangely so) tie, colourful (yet not Hawaiian) shirt, bright shoes (probably not if you are male) would do the trick.
The advice on Monster.ca? Ask the interviewer during the phone interview what you should wear to the in-person meeting ! Umm, right. Definitely avoid embarrassing yourself by showing that you cannot make a decision as simple as what you should wear. Put on a business suit, accessorize appropriately and do let us know if you are ever told that you made an unfavorable impression by doing so!