Workplace of the Future

Growthhacking your workforce

What will the workplace of the future truly look like? As key members of the Canadian business landscape and consumers of information, we have been inundated with predictions and opinions as to what work will look like in the future. Will jobs be lost to automation? What role will traditional business departments play in the midst of this radical shift? What form will innovation take in the next decade? Will the workplace be able to adapt (and survive) accordingly? And what role do your people actually play as we undergo what some have dubbed the second industrial revolution?


In 2014, Pronexia curated Montreal’s first-ever, exclusive, invite-only event on the topic of Employer Branding; in 2015, we explored Company Culture.  What began as an exploration of the branding and corporate identity of a company’s market-facing image transitioned into an examination of the “heart and soul” of an organization. In 2017, with knowledge of both sides of a modern business in hand, we turn our sights to the future: what will the future workplace look like and how can we anticipate it?

Will the event be informative? Absolutely. Tangible? Definitely. Stimulating? You bet. Expect to leave the event with concrete takeaways, ideas, perspectives, and with a passionate desire to implement real change in your organization. Aside from being an excellent opportunity to engage with some of the top names from world-class companies in Montreal and beyond, our event aims to do (at the very least) one thing in particular: to inspire. But be warned: many a notebook has been known to be filled with notes and ideas, cover to cover.

The event will run from early morning to evening, and breakfast, lunch, and drinks (and excellent espresso) will be served throughout the day to encourage networking opportunities and to keep the brain power flowing.  Be advised: brains operating at ultra-high speeds will be at every turn, so do yourself a favor when you get dressed in the morning for the event: leave your business card, bring your opinions.

Our speakers will be talking to you about:

  • The future of the Canadian workplace: automation, transformation, public policy, and what’s to come
  • The retail shift: how the biggest names in Canadian retail went digital – to survive
  • In a rapidly-evolving digital world, interpersonal/soft skills-training are more important than ever
  • Building your own internal academy even if you are a small or mid-sized company
  • Innovative recruitment techniques aimed at attracting the best people and keeping them both engaged and motivated
  • Listening to your employees and placing their stories at the core of your company culture and growth